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An open letter regarding the "Martin Garrix" remix claims- Oliver Sherlock

An open letter regarding the "Martin Garrix" remix claims:

I should have done this last week but I thought it was better to do it late than never! My remix of Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Loved" has been reuploaded about 25 times to different YouTube and SoundCloud accounts claiming it's been produced by Martin Garrix or is a remake of Martin Garrix, both of which are incorrect.

 I started producing this remix a couple months ago but stopped for two weeks while I was on holiday before completing it when I returned home. As far as I'm aware, I released my remix a couple days after the first low-quality live recording of Martin Garrix's remix was posted online and there is absolutely no way I would have had the time to produce a remix (to this level) that quickly whilst also working a full-time job. 

I had absolutely no idea that Martin Garrix had remixed the same song as me, which considering there are only short mobile phone recordings online shouldn't be hard to believe,however I will openly admit there are unfortunate similarities between the two: namely the fact they're both Progressive House (which contributes to most of the similarities) and both use a similar drop melody, nonetheless they are both different remixes in their own right.

 The drop melody resemblance is due to us both using Lewis Capaldi's vocal melody, something other remixers have done with the same song before Martin Garrix and me. If you listen to my remix and Martin Garrix's side by side the melody is actually different whilst the sound design and styles are very contrasting.

 The verses of both remixes are totally different in both style and layout which should be obvious to anyone that compares them - If I wanted to remake hisremix I would have at least tried to get a little closer! I would never intentionally copy another producer, and neither would any other self-respecting artist.

I make music for fun as a hobby and put a lot of time and effort into it, so it's a little disappointing when you put so many hours into a song for people to then reupload it: 

1) Without crediting you; 
2) Claiming it was produced by someone else; 
3) Providing their own free download link 
4)Deleting your comments when you try to contact them. 

There will always be people who claim I'm lying but I thought I'd explain the full story from my perspective first. I'm very grateful to all the new listeners and subscribers that have found me through this remix, whether it be via my channel or through one of the countless others that have uploaded the remix, and I hope to see you on my channel again soon. If you want to take a look at how I produced the remix and view the project file, there's a "playthrough" video uploaded to my channel. 

Please feel free to ask any questions below, thank you for taking the time to read my message and for listening to my remix 😊

Oliver sherlock channel


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